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Experience the transformative power of our evidence-based VR, where cutting-edge technology and psychological expertise synergise to enhance well-being and resilience.

Welcome to The Virtual Hippo, where innovation meets excellence in the realm of VR stress reduction. Our pioneering approach to enhancing staff well-being has garnered recognition and acclaim, establishing us as leaders in the field of psychological immersive  innovation.

Co-created in collaboration with respected partners such as Devon and Cornwall Police and Devon and Somerset Fire Service, alongside the esteemed University of Plymouth, our VR stress reduction experience represents a milestone in the fusion of cutting-edge technology and scientific expertise. Recognised with the prestigious South West Medilink Award for Business and Academia Partnership, our commitment to success and trust is unwavering.

Specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by those working in high-stress environments, particularly within critical services, our experience has exceeded expectations in pilot studies showing an average 40% decrease in stress reduction. From frontline healthcare to emergency response roles, professionals navigating pressure-cooker environments find support and resilience in our immersive VR experience.

Harnessing proven techniques that reduce stress-related brain activity and transform perceptions through immersive VR, our experience offers a transformative journey towards well-being and resilience. Through reduced self-focus and immersive engagement, users experience a profound sense of calm, fostering resilience and confidence in handling challenges.

Join us on the forefront of innovation as we revolutionise well-being in high-stress environments. Experience the power of our evidence-based VR and embark on a journey towards enhanced well-being and resilience.

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  • A simple, 10-minute experience for stress reduction.  

  • Evidence-Based: Proven results backed by rigorous studies.

  • User-Centric: Easy, accessible, and non-invasive.

  • Extremely Positive Impact on participants. 


  • Improved Well-being: Reduced stress and better mental health.

  • Enhanced Productivity: Fewer sick days, increased morale.

  • Real Impact: Positively affecting the wellbeing and resilience of staff.


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